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MyAvidyne Users Guide

Account Types The MyAvidyne portal includes the following public account types. Primary Customers, OEMs, and Dealers can be created from the registration page, and Umbrella users can be added to other accounts through the Settings tab in the portal. * Primary Customer (also called “Pilot” on the registrati…

Entegra EX5000 Series replacement cost for damaged or stolen units

The general rule for the replacement cost for Entegra's damaged beyond economical repair (BER) or stolen Entegra's from a pilot/shop/aircraft is repair cost X 2. (this is Entegra only) Replacements are not guaranteed to be available by Avidyne. Units purchased from salvage companies, eBay, etc., have no warranty.…

NAV Invalid

The Nav Invalid message at the top of the Entegra EXP5000 PFD is associated with the autopilot installed. For up-to-date info on this message, please review the DFC90 Pilot Guide, or applicable (other vendor) Pilot Guide. Below is an excerpt from the DFC90 PG:

Entegra EXP5000 Yellow MSG displayed

***UPDATE*** October 2022 If you have updated the IFDs to 10.3, you may notice the 'MSG' notification on the PFD will no longer show when the IFDs have an advisory notification (cyan/blue messages from the IFDs). The change was due to pilot feedback. Cautions and Warnings will still display the yellow 'MSG' notific…

Entegra EX5000 Screen Delamination

In the photo's below, the shading and bubbles are considered delamination, the separation of the sheets that make up the screen. The unit requires service, and extended warranty is highly recommended. Contact your local avionics shop to start the process for sending the unit in for repair.

Entegra EXP5000 PFD RVSM

Refer to the current PFD Pilots Guide for minimum software needed for RVSM: Pilot Guides can be found on the main site, under Support.

Entegra EXP5000 PFD Red X

For aircraft with Avidyne PFD EXP5000 installed and the aircraft is on the ground , if the PFD after booting up continues to show red X's in the AirData (top portion) section of the PFD and does not go away;  IAS (Indicated Airspeed), Vertical Speed (VS), Altitude. Pilots are required to take the plane to an Avio…

Entegra EXP5000 - Dual PFD ADAHRS Fail

In a single or dual equipped PFD aircraft, exhibiting the below examples on the ground, the PFD with the red X's will need to be sent in for service. In a dual PFD Equipped aircraft, Avidyne must be aware of the software levels in both PFDs. This may result in both PFD coming in for service to ensure they continue t…


NEWS    July 17, 2019 AVIDYNE STREAMLINES ENTEGRA PFD/MFD SUPPORT PROCESS IN THE SPIRIT OF CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT Avidyne demonstrates its commitment to world-class product support and overall customer experience; Significant improvements in support processes being implemented based directly on dealer a…

Entegra EXP5000 PFD; How to find the serial number and software part number

How to find the serial number and the software part number of the PFD. On Startup, the PFD has a purplish-grey screen, depending on the version of software on the PFD, the Serial Number might be found on that screen If the screen does not have the serial number of the PFD, you will need to retrieve the serial n…

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