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Entegra EXP5000 - Dual PFD ADAHRS Fail

In a single or dual equipped PFD aircraft, exhibiting the below examples on the ground, the PFD with the red X's will need to be sent in for service.

In a dual PFD Equipped aircraft, Avidyne must be aware of the software levels in both PFDs. This may result in both PFD coming in for service to ensure they continue to communicate and not have miscompare messages.  The examples below are from a dual installed PFD aircraft, in these photos you can see there is a message on the Pilot side stating that the #2 has failed, vice-versa, if the pilot side failed (photo's are examples only).

When contacting your shop for support, please include a picture of your full screen, they will share this with Avidyne to aid in troubleshooting. 

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  • 13-May-2020