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Entegra EX5000 Series replacement cost for damaged or stolen units

The general rule for the replacement cost for Entegra's damaged beyond economical repair (BER) or stolen Entegra's from a pilot/shop/aircraft is repair cost X 2. (this is Entegra only)

Replacements are not guaranteed to be available by Avidyne.


Units purchased from salvage companies, eBay, etc., have no warranty. 

Warranty cannot be purchased by the pilot/owner until the unit has been sent in for bench test and new 8130. If the unit is found to need repair, the shop will be alerted, and the repair fee will be collected.

Out-of-warranty repair pricing is found on under support.


Pilot must do their due diligence to determine why the unit is out of the assigned aircraft.

- was the aircraft in an incident or accident (NTSB or other country governing body)

- why was the unit removed?


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  • 14-Feb-2024