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Entegra EXP5000 PFD; How to find the serial number and software part number

How to find the serial number and the software part number of the PFD.

On Startup, the PFD has a purplish-grey screen, depending on the version of software on the PFD, the Serial Number might be found on that screen

If the screen does not have the serial number of the PFD, you will need to retrieve the serial number from the Avidyne Maintenance Page. 

- Continue into flight mode

- Hold the L1 and L3 buttons (you may have a count down timer)

- Once the page flashes, you are in Maintenance Mode (NEVER change anything on these pages) - refer to photo to find the serial number

- Press the L button next to the "Back to PFD". You are back into flight mode.

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  • 10-Sep-2020