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MyAvidyne Users Guide

Account Types

The MyAvidyne portal includes the following public account types. Primary Customers, OEMs, and Dealers can be created from the registration page, and Umbrella users can be added to other accounts through the Settings tab in the portal.

  • Primary Customer (also called “Pilot” on the registration page)

  • OEM

  • Dealer

  • Umbrella (also called “Account User” in the portal)

Registration Page

On the registration page, users can choose to register as a pilot, OEM, or dealer. For each account type, users will enter their personal information. In addition, OEM and dealer accounts require company information. Dealer accounts also require users to enter their Dealer Account Numbers. At the bottom of the form, users must read and accept the terms and conditions.

Registration for pilots will be automatic. Dealers and OEM accounts must wait for an approval email sent to the email address used to register the account.

Login Page

On the login page, users can enter their email and password to sign into the MyAvidyne portal. They can also click the Register New Account link to go back to the registration form, and the Forgot Password? link to request an email with their password to be sent to them. Below the login form, users can select 'Click here to register a CMax Code without logging in' to be taken to the external CMax Key Code site.

Warranty Tab

Account types: Primary Customer, OEM, Umbrella

The warranty tab displays a list of the aircraft associated with an account, along with the options to add new aircraft and register new warranties. 

***Note: Warranty tab N/A for Dealer Accounts


Adding Aircraft

When users click the “+ NEW AIRCRAFT” button, they will see a form to add a new aircraft. Adding a new aircraft will save it, refresh the page, and display the aircraft in the user’s aircraft list.

Registering Warranties

When they click the “Register Warranty” button, users will see a form where they can select an aircraft, a product, a product serial number, and an installation date to add a new warranty.

It is important to enter the actual date of installation for all products registered, including existing equipment. 

Aircraft List

Below the options to add aircraft or warranties, users will see a list of aircraft they’ve added. Clicking an aircraft card expands it to show a list of product warranties associated with that aircraft, as well as their serial number, status, and expiration date.

Each aircraft card also has an edit button that opens a form with fields to change that aircraft’s make, model, tail number, and serial number. Pilots and umbrella users also have the option to delete the aircraft from the account.

Accounts Tab

Account types: Dealer

The accounts tab displays a list of other accounts in the system and offers an interface to add new ones. Dealers can only see pilot accounts. There’s also a search field that can search accounts by name or by any tail number associated with their account. No users are displayed by default, but they’ll appear as dealers search by name or tail number. The list of accounts is paginated, and 10 are displayed at a time.

Account Cards

Each account appears as a card with the account’s name and a button to edit the account. Clicking the edit button displays a form with options to edit the account’s name or email address.

When an account card is clicked, it expands to reveal a list of product warranties associated with that account. Each product warranty is displayed with its name, tail number, status, and expiration date. Below the list, there are also options to add a new aircraft or warranty to that account.

Product Options

Each product has a button that reveals additional options for that product. Both dealers and super admin users can edit, disable, and delete products, but only super admin users will also see the option to repair or transfer the product. Disabling a product marks it as disabled in a Keap custom field and keeps it in the system for historical purposes, but hides it on the frontend. Deleting a product completely deletes its order from the backend.

Editing a product displays a form with options to change which of the user’s aircraft it’s associated with, and its serial number.

Add Account

The Add Account button opens a form that can be used to add new primary customer accounts to the system. This form is similar to the main registration form. The form includes fields for their sign-in information and personal information, and also has a section for aircraft and products, so that the account can be populated all at once.

Forum Tab

The Forum tab links to the external Avidyne forum.

Knowledge Base Tab

The Knowledge Base tab links to the external Pilot Support Center Knowledge Base.

Settings Tab

On the Settings tab, users can update their personal information, as well as add umbrella users to their accounts (for primary customers, dealers, and OEMs).


The Profile subtab contains fields for the user to update their name, email address, phone number, and address.


The Password subtab contains fields for the user to change their password.


The Support subtab links to this external page where support tickets can be submitted.

Account Users

Account types: Dealer, OEM, Primary Customer

The Account Users subtab allows Umbrella users to be added to other accounts. Rather than having their own set of aircraft and product warranties, Umbrella users have access to the aircraft and product warranties of the parent account that invited them. A list of associated Umbrella users is displayed on the page, along with each user’s name, email, and current status.

There are also options to either edit or deactivate each Umbrella user. Deactivating an Umbrella user leaves their account in the system, but disables their ability to log in. Clicking Edit opens the “Edit Umbrella User” interface where their name and email can be changed.

Company Details

Account types: Dealer

Dealers have the ability to also edit their company name, phone number, dealer number, and address.

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