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Entegra EXP5000 Yellow MSG displayed

***UPDATE*** October 2022 If you have updated the IFDs to 10.3, you may notice the 'MSG' notification on the PFD will no longer show when the IFDs have an advisory notification (cyan/blue messages from the IFDs). The change was due to pilot feedback. Cautions and Warnings will still display the yellow 'MSG' notific…

Entegra EXP5000 - Dual PFD ADAHRS Fail

In a single or dual equipped PFD aircraft, exhibiting the below examples on the ground, the PFD with the red X's will need to be sent in for service. In a dual PFD Equipped aircraft, Avidyne must be aware of the software levels in both PFDs. This may result in both PFD coming in for service to ensure they continue t…

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