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IFD5000i - loading charts

Due to the increasing size of the Chart Data (and more GPS approaches), in Release R-9.4.x upgrade, the Chart Data storage location was moved from the circuit board Memory Chip to the Compact Flash Card.  Jeppesen codes the Chart Data Location into the download.  The customer needs to contact Jeppesen and advise t…

MFD EX5000 Charts will not load

MFD EX5000 Charts will not load MFD (EX5000) Charts failed to load Common errors: 1) the serial number on the AUX page on the MFD does not match the serial number used when creating the CMax code (see photo) 2) the serial number from Jeppesen's JDM is incorrect (copy and paste from JDM) - use notepad 3) there is…

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