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MFD EX5000 Charts will not load

MFD EX5000 Charts will not load

MFD (EX5000) Charts failed to load

Common errors:

1) the serial number on the AUX page on the MFD does not match the serial number used when creating the CMax code (see photo)

2) the serial number from Jeppesen's JDM is incorrect (copy and paste from JDM) - use notepad

3) there is additional spaces in the serial number blocks when performing copy/paste. Check the CMax data fields and remove all additional spacing and if used the dashes.

4) USB port skips the download and goes into flight mode; common issues

- not formatted to FAT (default)

- not 2GB or below

- formatted on a MAC

- contains additional files the MFD cannot read; Hint: use one USB for Nav and one for charts

- MFD serial number is not set correctly (steps 1-3)

5. The Charts load, then get stuck on Initializing, shutting down, and nothing happens. Older versions of the software is loaded on 512MB compact flash (CF) card and is running out-of-space. 

- see your shop, the CF card needs to be replaced.  

6. the upload shows the Proceed button, the flashes and goes into flight mode: reset your CMax Key code on Jeppesen JDM - refer to the CMax Keycode Knowledge Based Article

7. There is no Charts tab (see picture below); if the MFD does not have a Charts Tab, please contact your avionics shop for a software update. 

Photo of incorrect Serial number:

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  • 19-Dec-2022