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Entegra EX5000 series Online order processing

How to purchase new or renewal warranty for the Entegra EX5000 Series Primary Flight Display (PFD) and Multi-Function Display (MFD).


Warranty renewal is only for pilots whose warranty is about to expire or has lapsed less than 60 calendar days ago. Failure to renew in time will result in the pilot needing to purchase a new warranty. 

Avidyne Warranty page

- New warranty purchases have a 60-day waiting period (see Items not covered by AeroPlan section)


Placing an order is simple: 

- go to the Avidyne Warranty page (link above),

- scroll down to the AeroPlan Extended Warranty Program,

- review the appropriate warranty section,

- in the dropdown (Select Warranty Type) choose the aircraft configuration for the Entegra (screen shot below),

(Pilots purchasing the MFD only may need to send an email to [email protected] showing the cockpit to confirming the MFD only installation (few Cirrus's have the MFD only)),

- Once the configuration is selected, the shaded Green Buttons will turn Avidyne Green, and you can proceed with the appropriate year(s) for coverage



The Credit Card Form is simple to use, just remember to add the correct address your credit card company has on file for you. Failure to enter this correctly will cause the order to be rejected by your financial institution.


Once the order is submitted, Avidyne Warranty will process your order in 1-2 business days or sooner. 

An email confirmation will be sent to the email address used on the order, showing the start and end dates.

Renewing the warranty early will not impact the end/renewal date.

Renewing within the 60-day past the warranty end date will result in backdating the renewal to the original end date. 

- pilot wishing to start the date on the day the warranty order is submitted will require New Coverage and not Renewal Coverage.


New warranty purchased where an MFD or PFD needs to come in for service requires the pilot to purchase the New Coverage and the Repair within Sixty Day add-on (if both units need service, the pilot will make two additional purchases of this option after purchasing the appropriate New Coverage warranty).

- Avidyne highly recommends that shops confirm the warranty seals on the units before purchasing the warranty coverage. This will avoid refunding which takes several days. 


For units coming in for repair: If warranty seals are broken, tampered or removed, New Coverage or Renewal with Existing Warranty that was recently purchased will be refunded, and the flat rate repair, broken seals, etc., will be charged. Conversations will be had between the shop and Avidyne, it is the shops responsibility to have conversations with the pilot/owner. 

- The repair cost is located at the bottom of this warranty page

- Broken seals are additional and those cost will be delivered to the shop for them to accurately quote the pilot

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