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Downloading EMax Data

You can download the engine log files from the EX5000 using either a Zip Drive and Zip disk or a USB Flash Memory Drive.

➤ To download the stored engine data log files:
1) Turn power OFF to the EX5000
2) Connect the data source to the EX5000:
    ■ If using a USB Flash Memory Drive, plug it into the data port on the front of the EX5000.
    ■ If using a Zip Drive Dataloader, connect one end of the cable to the Zip Drive and the other end to the EX5000 data port. The Zip Drive must be empty.
3) Turn on the master switch (which turns on the EX5000).
Note: If any of the downloaded engine log files contains file format errors, you may receive an erroneous caution that the data transfer failed. Check your Zip disk or USB memory device for the transferred files. 

Note: Ensure that the Dataloader is supported and not dangling by the cable. Letting the Dataloader dangle can cause permanent damage to the data port. It can also cause an intermittent connection, which will result in an unsuccessful data download.

Updating Your Databases 600-00151-504 Rev. 01 -105- Entegra EX5000
4) If using a Zip Drive, put a compatible blank disk into the Zip Drive when the Avidyne screen displays.
5) The EX5000 will display a message similar to the following: Ready to Write Engine/Narrowcast Data to Removable Media.
6) To begin the download, press Proceed. Do not turn off the EX5000 or disconnect the cable or USB Flash Memory Drive during data transfer. To cancel the download, press Cancel.
7) When the data transfer is complete the regular start screen displays. If you are using a Zip Drive, the disk is automatically ejected from the Zip Drive.
8) At this point, turn off power to the EX5000, remove your USB Flash Memory Drive or Zip Drive, and then turn the EX5000 power back on. This step ensures that all data has been checked in self-test and the MFD is ready for  use
9) You can now bring the Zip Drive or USB Flash Memory Drive to your PC and download the EMax data. 
To transfer the engine data to an Excel file see below.
    1. Save the data to your desktop or a dedicated folder
    2. Open the Engine log files
    3. Right click on the Engine Log that you want to open
    4. Select “Open With”
    5. Click on Microsoft Excel
    6. Highlight only the data in the first column
    7. Select “Data”
    8. Select “Text to Column”
    9. Select “Next”
    10. Uncheck “Tabs”
    11. Check “Commas”
    12. Select “Next”
    13. Select “Finish”

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