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Unlimited Database Downloads and Transfers via Avidyne And BendixKing Tail Registration

With the JDM 3.13 release for Windows and macOS, and the 1.10 release for iOS/iPadOS, JDM now has the option of using the aircraft tail number to allow for unlimited downloads and transfers each cycle for the following Avidyne and BendixKing navigators and FMS systems: * Avidyne IFD 400/500 Series navigators …

Downloading EMax Data

You can download the engine log files from the EX5000 using either a Zip Drive and Zip disk or a USB Flash Memory Drive. ➤ To download the stored engine data log files: 1) Turn power OFF to the EX5000 2) Connect the data source to the EX5000:     ■ If using a USB Flash Memory Drive, plug it into the data port on …

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