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IFD and Stratus 3 connection instructions SW

Instructions to interface your IFD, iPad, and Stratus 3 in order to get traffic and weather on both the iPad and the IFD from the stratus: First we need to configure the IFD: 1. Insert your USB that you use to update your IFD into the USB port of the IFD.  2. Turn on the IFD. 3. Press the CONFIG tab.  4. Usi…

IFD 5XX 4XX Software Update Update & Instructional Video For Loading

Please review this article, then click the link below the video at the bottom of the page to be directed to the software request form. Free PDF Pilot Guides and Quick Reference Guides for AviOS10.3.X.X can be found in this article under "Attachments". IFD 5XX/4XX Software Version introduces improvements …

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