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IFD and Stratus 3 connection instructions SW

Instructions to interface your IFD, iPad, and Stratus 3 in order to get traffic and weather on both the iPad and the IFD from the stratus:

First we need to configure the IFD:

1. Insert your USB that you use to update your IFD into the USB port of the IFD. 
2. Turn on the IFD.
3. Press the CONFIG tab. 
4. Using the lower right hand knob, scroll until you get to the Wireless Portables page which looks like this and make sure it is set to Enabled: 

5. Once you have done this, press the LOGS tab on the bottom of the screen and then press the DONE line select key, the unit will now reboot. 

Now that that is done, we need to set up the IFD to use the Stratus 3 as a hotspot:

1. Turn on your Stratus.
2. Once the IFD is booted back up into flight mode, press the AUX button. 
3. Press the SETUP tab.
4. Scroll down the menu and find the Connectivity menu and press the plus sign to the left of it so the menu opens up like this:

5. Make sure Wifi is ON.
6. Open the NETWORKS drop down by pressing the plus sign.
6. You should see the Wifi name of your Stratus 3. Click on the plus sign next to the Stratus 3 Wifi name.
7. If your Stratus has a password, enter it in the menu that opened up when you pressed the plus sign.
8. Press the CONNECT line select key in the lower left hand corner. Eventually a "Connected" message should pop up in green in the lower right hand corner and next to the Stratus 3 Wifi name it should say Connected in green.

Now lastly, we need to connect the iPad to the Stratus and allow the iPad connection in the IFD:

1. With your iPad, go to the main settings, then to Wifi. 
2. Select your Stratus 2 Wifi name, and enter the password if you have one. 
3. Exit the main settings and the open up Foreflight or the IFD100 (make sure that the IFD100 was set up correctly prior to this step). 
4. Now in the IFD still in the AUX page, SETUP tab, CONNECTIVITY menu as mentioned in the last set of steps,  scroll down to the DEVICES drop down menu and open it. 
5. In this Menu, you should see your iPad name or SSID (SSID is a string of numbers. Ex:, next to it you will see a window that give you the option to select BLOCKED, ALWAYS, and ONCE. Make sure that it is set to ALWAYS.  See picture below:

With all the above items completed, you should now be able to see frequencies and GPS position appear in the IFD100 app or you should be able to send a flight plan from Foreflight to your IFD. 

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