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IFD Not Keeping My Frequencies on Startup with AviOS10.3.0.2
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Some IFD owners have reported their active and standby frequencies are different on startup with AviOS10.3.0.2.

Some units are defaulting to 118.200 and 132.650, causing pilots to set their frequencies before takeoff. This can be annoying sometimes, especially at an unfamiliar airport.

A software change has been made and has been implemented in AviOS10.3.1.2.

Click HERE to be redirected to the Knowledge Base article to download AviOS10.3.1.2.

The IFD makes it very easy to recall these frequencies with the frequency nomination tab. 

On the IFD550/540 IFDs, press the FREQ button to bring up the nomination list. Tab over to the 'Recents' tab to find the ten previously-used frequencies.

On the IFD440, rotate the left knob to bring up the nomination list (4xx series IFDs do not have a dedicated FREQ button on the right side of the bezel).

Select the frequency from the list that you want to place into the active slot, then press the swap button, then select your standby.  


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