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IFD 5XX/4XX Software Update Update & Instructional Video For Loading

To request the software update and documentation please click here.  

Improvements include:

  • Adds additional support for declination/magvar in GAMA 429
  • Changes phrasing of NGT Advisory
  • Resolves Datalink configuration problems
  • Resolves BT Freq Swap Key Hold does not set Guard frequency
  • Allows changes to persist when setting PIN in MX Mode
  • Fix to 429 declination label to show declination waypoint
  • Improve reception of ADS-B Data
  • VSR not computed for at-or-above when aircraft is above the altitude
  • Fixes incorrect ATC code transmission to NGT9000R transponders

To check the current level of the IFD: 


The “Status” LSK is a multiple state LSK that provides access to software status page, weather datalink status page (if datalink is installed and properly configured), GPS status page, and the IFD databases status page.  Pushing the adjacent bezel key or touching the label soft key will cycle through the various status pages. 

Software Status Page 
The “Software” selection will present the top level software part number information and some system-level parameters which can be useful during service calls and IFD feature descriptions. 


  • 659
  • 29-Mar-2021