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DFC90 upgrade in Cirrus S-Tec 55X Autopilot installed aircraft

(Informational only - shops must check the aircraft and equipment for confirmation)

Do you have a Cirrus Entegra Equipped EX5000 (PFD and MFD) Series and an installed S-TEC55X; and want to upgrade to the DFC90?

The DFC90 utilizes the existing Roll Trim Motor, Pitch Servo, and Pitch Trim motors that are presently controlled by the S-Tec 55X

As part of the DFC90 Upgrade/Installation an operation test is required to be performed on the Motors Operational ability.
This test may find that the motor require too much voltage to begin to respond to autopilot commands.
In these cases the motors may require service and/or replacement.  

Your Installing agency will be able to ascertain the proper operation of the existing motors.

Cirrus aircraft: If you are planning a DFC-90 Upgrade from an S-Tec-55X.  If your concern is the present 55X does not have the Flight Director Option & Switches.

That is not an issue in the DFC-90 installation.  In fact, the F/D_A/P switches are removed during the DFC-90 upgrade.

Refer to the current DFC-90 Installation Manual for the removal of the Switches.