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close features

Here's a list of the enhancements with R10.2.4.1:

Improvements include:
·       Reduced nuisance datalink alerts
·       Add password protection option to maintenance mode
·       Reformatted main system config page in maintenance mode
·       Allow configurations with both AXP340 and AXP322
·       Improved transponder control from the datablock
·       Added user option to disable WiFi ADS-B output
·       Improved fuel range ring depiction
·       Changed demo mode to always enable Capstone configurationBug Fixes:
·       Fixed error when inserting an approach prior to an active destination
·       Allow lightning to be displayed with AviatorLT subscription with XMD076
·       Fixed issue when using same com port for input at one baudrate and output ad a different rate.
·       Fixed issue caused by rubber banding with different databases
·       Fixed com presets button on BT keyboard
·       Inhibited Datalink page when no datalink sensor is configured

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  • 10-Apr-2020