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IFD-5000i R-9.4.1 NavData Updates
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IFD-5000i R-9.4.1 NavData......


Do to the increased size of the Jeppesen NavData bases, Avidyne has updated the NavData Storage Location within the IFD-5000i R-9.4.1 Integrated Flight Displays.


Prior to R-9.4.1 the NavData was stored on the smaller Memory Chip located on the main Airborne Computing Resource (ACR) circuit board.

After R-9.4.1, the storage location is now moved to the larger Compact Flash Memory Card.


Jeppesen encodes within their NavData where the Data should be uploaded to within the IFD. 

Subscription prior to R-9.4.1 had the Data tagged for the smaller Memory Chip location.

Updates performed using the older data will appear to load with no errors, but no data transfer actually occurs.


Customers with the upgraded R-9.4.1 software system are advised to contact Jeppesen to have their NavData Subscriptions Updated.

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