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Entegra EX5000 MFD Common Jeppesen Errors
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For the EX5000 MFD, the charts provided from Jeppesen may be too large to load on the compact flash card installed in the MFD. Pilots/owners may see a warning that the Charts could not be loaded:

insufficient memory

insufficient space

not enough space

not enough memory


CMax Data Upload Failed, Error writing files


The Compact Flash card installed in the EX5000 MFD contains the MFD operating system, Jeppesen NavData & Charts, and EMax (if applicable). 
The fix: work with your avionics shop to get the Compact Flash card replaced. Shops will charge for labor and shipping of the 2GB CF card.


Avidyne highly recommends that the pilot/owner maintain an active warranty on all their Avidyne equipment. Please contact Avidyne's Warranty Coordinator for assistance, or fill-out the online form for additional assistance:


 - Click on Support

 - Scroll down to Warranty and fill-out the request


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