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CMAX Key Code--How to Create

The CMax KeyCode generator is attached to this knowledge based article, for those pilots wanting to create their own code. See Note below.

**January2022-UPDATE** if your generated CMax key code has comma's (see example below), this is invalid. Use the attached AviUtility.exe to generate a valid CMax.

How to create CMAX Key Code and Download Jeppesen Charts through JDM

Charts for the EX5000 MFD's require a CMAX Key Code.  Below information applies only to MFD's

The links below will show you how to obtain a CMAX Key Code and how to use your JDM account services.

Jeppesen Services Download Data Base for JDM

To see how to get the Jeppview ID and set your CMAX Key Code, go to 2:30 on video link above.

To create a CMax Key Code with your MFD serial # and the Jeppview ID – follow the link below.

To find your MFD serial number, power up your MFD and scroll to the "AUX" tab.

Alternatively, you may choose to use the AviKeyGenerator.exe attached to this Knowledge Based Article. 
NOTE, the dashes (-) in the Jeppesen 16-digit serial number must be removed before generating the CMax. 

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