XM Weather information does not always refresh

If XM Weather information refresh is erratic, missing information and inconsistent 

Are you getting some weather, but not all: I'm getting lightening but not the weather overlay
The weather packets that are received from XM Weather have time stamps. If the MFD system time is incorrect (off by 4+ minutes), the MFD will process the received weather as stale or old data and will not allow it to display. 

First: On the MFD go to the "Trips" page. Cycle the button labeled "Display" until it shows "Display status"

On the Trips/Status page you can see the signal strength of the weather products received.
If the signal strength is "weak" or "none" this could be an indication of a bad antenna or coax.
If the signal strength is "good" go to the "Aux" page group.
On the "Aux" page select "Setup Time" on the R/H side of the display.

If the "System Time" on the MFD has begun to drift, and needs to be reset regularly, this could be a sign that the CMOS battery inside the MFD has begun to fail; you might consider having the CMOS replaced (work with your avionics shop - not field replaced). To update your 'System Time':

- Make sure your aircraft is outside with a good GPS signal
- Power on your Avionics and go to the Aux Tab, select System Time
- choose Manual; set the date and time based off your smart phone, save
- Power cycle the MFD
- Go back to System Time, set the time to Auto (preferred) or GPS
- Power cycle the MFD, and verify the MFD Data and Time remains correct
- Check your Weather

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  • 09-Oct-2019