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Clearing IFD100 CAS Messages Does Not Clear on the IFD with AviOS10.3

With AviOS10.3, acknowledging CAS messages on IFD100 do not cause the same CAS message to clear on the panel-mounted IFD. Prior to AviOS 10.3, clearing the CAS on IFD100 would cause the same message to clear on the IFD, and vice versa. This is not a bug or a glitch, but rather a circumstance of the new security …

Selected Course/ DTK Mismatch

The Selected Course/ DTK Mismatch advisory will be displayed in the IFD5XX/ 4XX Series if the conditions below are present. Field Reports have shown that this CAS Advisory is associated directly with the Bearing Reference Setting in the User Options of the IFD. To confirm your Bearing Reference simply navigate to…

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