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UTC Mismatch and System Time Discrepancy Between Dual IFDs

GPS gives the IFD the System time displayed in UTC (Universal Time Component), but the IFD also has an internal clock; in case the IFD is not getting GPS time from satellites, the IFD can still display this system time. Internal clock time is updated from the GPS. If the IFD sits for long periods of time witho…

Jeppesen Free 60-Day Trial

Avidyne and Jeppesen have partnered up to provide new Avidyne Customers with 60 days of free Jeppesen databases! To register for your free 60-Day Trial, Click the link below: Free 60-Day Jeppesen Trial Make sure to include all of the Avidyne equipment in the aircraft, including serial numbers. Once you submit…

Auto Squelch on Avidyne IFDs

The Auto Squelch feature on an Avidyne IFD (Integrated Flight Display) is a function that automatically adjusts the radio squelch threshold to eliminate background noise and improve the clarity of communications. The squelch function is designed to mute the audio output of a radio until a signal above a certain th…

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