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Jeppesen Free 60-Day Trial

Avidyne and Jeppesen have partnered up to provide new Avidyne Customers with 60 days of free Jeppesen databases!

To register for your free 60-Day Trial, Click the link below:

Free 60-Day Jeppesen Trial

Make sure to include all of the Avidyne equipment in the aircraft, including serial numbers.

Once you submit the form, please allow 48 hours for processing. A Jeppesen representative will reach out via the email you provided with setup instructions and account information.

Free trials include 60 free days of a database region of your choice, plus Jeppesen Charts, which includes 4 site keys for use with mobile devices running IFD100 and Foreflight.


New Avidyne installations will come with current Jeppesen databases from the installing Avidyne Dealer. To make the most out of your 60-Day Trial, submit the form above when your current cycle is a few days from expiration.

To find out more about Jeppesen Database pricing, check out our Knowledge Base Article:

Jeppesen Pricing for Avidyne Equipment

To learn how to update databases on your IFD:

IFD Database Upload

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  • 01-Sep-2023