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R9 - ACD215 Keyboard

When the ACD215 shows the message RAM Test Failed, the ACD215 needs to be returned for repair. 

Pilots will need to use an Avidyne Dealer on then select the Find a Dealer at the top of the page.

- Send a photo of the error to [email protected]

- Did this occur after an update?

- Does the message clear after power cycling?


In May 2023, Avidyne Corporation made the decision to end all warranty (new and renewals) for the R9 system. The MSRP is listed at the bottom of the Warranty page:

On the site, hover over Support, then select Product Warranty & repair. Scroll to the bottom of the page for the current MSRP.


Avidyne dealers are required to login to the dealer portal to submit the repair.

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  • 11-Jun-2024