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Error detected "Copy Non RF Airway Label Files" message when loading Nav databases

IFDs loaded with AviOS10.2.x.x may encounter this error when updating databases:

This is not an indication of a problem with the IFD. 

The Jeppesen Nav database has been coded with additional features that were intended for use with AviOS IFDs still running 10.2.x.x may see this error because the IFD isn't recognizing these code changes.

There are two options to clear this error:

1. Power cycle the IFD and re-attempt the Nav database upload, or

2. Update IFD software to 10.3.x.x which includes the code needed to accept the changes in the Jeppesen Nav database.

Customers that continue to see this error message after multiple attempts to power cycle the IFD and upload the databases are encouraged to contact Avidyne Tech Support at [email protected], and include the Nav database file as an attachment in the email. We can remove the conditionals having to do with RF legs and resend the file. 

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  • 16-Nov-2022