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Entegra EX5000 MFD XM Client Terminated

Pilots seeing the message 'XM Client Terminated' should check the MFD system time:

- turn on the avionics

- acknowledge the messages

- scroll to the Aux page

- press the button next to System Time

- the MFD system time cannot be more than 3 minutes of UTC

  - if set to Auto or GPOS, you will need your shop to check your GPS radios

  - if set to manual, you will need to correct the system time

If the system time is not the issue, you will need to see the avionics shop to request a software update card. 

Provide your shop with the message you are getting from the Aux Page: XM Client Terminated

And, the software part number, also on the Aux Page.

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  • 29-Mar-2021