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Entegra MFD EX5000 Charts Tab

Frequently asked questions on Charts:

1) I do not use charts on my MFD, I have a Charts Tab, how do I get rid of Update Required (see photo). 

If Jeppesen Charts are not installed on the MFD, pilots will need to work with their Avionics Shop. A technician from the shop will need to assist in programming the unit to remove the message and the Charts Tab.

2) My Charts tab is empty, shows Charts not loaded, or a base chart that indicates not for flight

- work with Jeppesen to obtain the applicable charts

- or, work with your shop to remove the charts tab from the MFD

- Countries have different Aviation rules. This is a pilots responsibility to check your country rules (and countries you fly in and out of) before you have your shop remove the charts tab on the MFD.  

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  • 29-Jan-2020