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IFD5XX/4XX Compatible Equipment

The IFD5XX/4XX can interface with a host of other avionics equipment. The following list represents proven interfaces. There may be other devices that can be configured the same as one on the below list but Avidyne has not tested it and can therefore not make any compatibility claims.

Category Vendor Model
Air Data B&D 2600 ADC
B&D 2601 ADC
B&D 2800 ADC
B&D 900004-003 ADC
Bendix King KAD 280/480 ADC (KDC 281, 481)
Shadin 8800T Alt Computer
Shadin 9000T Alt Computer
Shadin 9200T Alt Computer
Shadin 9628XX-X Fuel/Air Data Computer
Insight TAS 1000 ADC
Icarus Instrument 3000
Sandia SAC7-35
Garmin GDC74A
Encoding Altimeter or Blind Encoders Bendix King KEA-130A
Bendix King KEA-346
Terra AT-3000
Sandia SAE5-35
Trans-Cal Industries IA-RS232-X
Trans-Cal Industries SSD120
ACK Technologies A-30
EADI Honeywell ED-600
EFIS Bendix King EFS 40/50
Avidyne EXP5000
Aspen Pilot PFD (EFD1000)
Collins Proline 21
Collins EFIS 84
Honeywell EDZ-605
Honeywell Primus 1000
Sextant SMD 45
Garmin G500/600/TXi
Garmin G5
Displays Garmin MX20
Garmin GMX200
Garmin GPSMAP 195
Garmin GPSMAP 295
Garmin GPS III Pilot
Garmin GPSMAP 196
Garmin GPSMAP 296
Garmin GPSMAP 396
Garmin GPSMAP 496
Garmin GPSMAP 695
Garmin GPSMAP 696
Garmin Aera 796/795
Argus 3000
Argus 5000
Argus 7000
Horizon DDMP
Avidyne EX500
Avidyne EX600
Avidyne EX5000
Avidyne FlightMax Series
Heading Bendix King KAH 460 Inertial System (KAU 461 also)
Collins AHC 85 Inertial System Laseref
Honeywell HG 1075AB, HG 1095AG Inertial Systems
Litef LTR 81 Inertial System
Litton LTN 90-100 Inertial System
Litton LTN 91 Inertial System
Litton LTN 92 Inertial System
EHSI Sandel SN3308
Sandel SN3500
Honeywell ED-600
Fuel Shadin 91053XP and 91053XT-D “Digiflo-L” Digital Fuel Mgmt Systems
Shadin 91204XT(38)D and 91204XT-D “Miniflo-L” Digital Fuel Mgmt Systems
Shadin 91802-() “DigiData” Fuel/Airdata
JPI EDM-700 Engine Monitor
JPI EDM-760 Engine Monitor
JPI FS-450
Insight GEM 3
Traffic L3 SKY497 SkyWatch
L3 SKY899 SkyWatchHP
Bendix King KTA-870
Bendix King KTA-970
Bendix King KMH980
Bendix King KMH880
Garmin GTS800/820/850
Ryan TCAD 9900B
Ryan TCAD 9900BX
Avidyne TAS-6XXA series
Transponder Garmin GTX330  (transponder functionality only)
Garmin GTX330 ES *
Garmin GTX 330D ES *
Garmin GTX335 *
Garmin GTX 345 *
Garmin GTX 327
Garmin GTX3000
Honeywell Bendix/King KT74
Honeywell Bendix/King MST70B
L-3 NGT9000 Series
Trig TT31/22
Rockwell Collins TDR94/TDR94D
Avidyne AXP340/322
Bendix King KXP80
Becker BXT65XX
Lightning L3 WX500
Avidyne TWX670  (“Native” format)
Datalink Garmin GDL-69/69A***
Avidyne MLB700/100
WSI AV-300/350
Heads-up Technologies XMD076
Autopilot Avidyne DFC90
Bendix King KFC400
Bendix King KCP320
Bendix King KFC325
Bendix King KFC300
Bendix King KFC225
Bendix King KFC200
Bendix King KFC250
Bendix King KFC275
Bendix King KFC150
Bendix King KAP150
Bendix King KAP140
Bendix King KAP100
Century I
Century II
Century III
Century IV
Century 21
Century 31/41
Century 2000
Century Triden
Century AK 1081 GPSS Converter
Collins APC-65 Series
Collins FGC-65
Collins FYD-65
STec 20
STec 30
STec 40
STec 50
STec 55
STec 55X
STec 60 PSS
STec 60-1
STec 60-2
STec 65
STec ST901 GPSS Converter
Miscellaneous Garmin GAD42 Interface Adapter
DME Bendix King KN 61
Bendix King KN 62/62A
Bendix King KN 63
Bendix King KN 64
Bendix King KN65
Bendix King KDI 572
Bendix King KDI 574
Bendix King KDM706
Collins DME 40
Collins DME 42
Collins TCR 451
Narco DME 890
Narco IDME 891
ARC (Cessna) RTA-476A
Nav Indicator Garmin GI 102/A
Garmin GI 106/A
Bendix King KI 202
Bendix King KI 203
Bendix King KI 204
Bendix King KI 206
Bendix King KI 208
Bendix King KI 208A
Bendix King KI 209
Bendix King KI 209A
Bendix King KI 525A
Bendix King KPI 552/B
Bendix King KPI 553/A/B
Century NSD 360A
Century NSD 1000
Collins 331A-6P
Collins 331A-9G
Collins PN-101
Mid Continent MD 222-402/-406
Mid Continent MD 200-20X/-30X
STec ST 180
Sperry RD444
Sperry RD 550A
Sperry RD 650
RMI Bendix King KI 229
Bendix King KNI 582
Bendix King KDA 692
External GPS Annunciator Mid Continent MD41-Series
Staco Switch 992561
Vivisun 95-40-( )
Vivisun 95-45-( )
Remote TAWS Annunciator Garmin 013-0079-XX
Mid Continent MD41-10XX
Audio Panel Avidyne AMX240
Apollo (Garmin) SL10
Apollo (Garmin) SL15
Garmin GMA 340
Garmin GMA 347
PS Engineering 6000
PS Engineering 7000
PS Engineering 8000/8000BT
Bendix King KMA 24/24H
Bendix King KMA 26
Bendix King KMA 28
406 ELT Artex ME406
Ameri-King AD 451-()
Ack E-04
Narco Not specified
Pointer 3000
Kannad Not specified
Radar Bendix King RDR 2000 *
Bendix/King RDR 2100 **** RDR2060 ****
Bendix/King RDS-8X ****
UAT Avidyne Skytrax100 (formerly MLB100)
Avidyne SkyTrax100B* / SkyTrax200
Freeflight Systems FDL-978-RX**
Garmin GDL 88**

*IFD Software version 10.2 or higher

**IFD Software version 10.2.1 or higher

*** Compatibility with P/N 011-00986-00 or 011-00987-00 only pre software With software or higher P/N 011-03177-X0 will function

**** IFD Software version or higher

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