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Avidyne IFD5XX/4XX and Foreflight- Issues with ADS-B Traffic and Weather.

1. Since this is just a rebroadcast, all weather products and traffic that are being picked up by the ADS-B in device will be sent out. This includes the new FIS-B weather products that the IFD does not yet support. (Cloud tops, Lightning, Turbulence etc). So apps like foreflight that do support these products will show that data even though the IFD cannot quite yet.

2. That fact that foreflight sees "Avidyne IFD" and "ADS-B" as two different devices is a bug on foreflight's end. We have already contacted Foreflight, and they already have a fix for this up for review. Because we use UDP port 4000 to send the capstone stream as mentioned above, foreflight accepts that from anyone, and so on their end, it just looks like some random ADS-B-in stream. I include an "Avidyne" device message in the stream, so they now know the data is coming from us and will make the fix so that only "Avidyne IFD" will come up in the list of connected devices.

3. No user settings need to be changed on the IFD or Foreflight for the ADS-B data to be displayed by foreflight. As long as the pilot is getting ADS-B in data, that will be forwarded to Foreflight, and they will start displaying it. Pilots should look at their "Datalink Status" subpage to make sure that they are receiving data. If there is no datalink status page, that means that no capstone input is configured and they most likely have a maintenance mode configuration issue. See below:

No capstone data being received, nothing will show up on Foreflight.

Capstone being received, Foreflight will show "ADS-B" as a connected device.

*NOTE* attached pictures include weather products not yet supported.

4.  The final issue that we have been seeing in the Facebook group and on the Forum is something  regarding gps source. In the ADS-B stream, there is an ownship message that reports altitude and location of the plane. This at times can be inaccurate depending on the ADS-B in device. Currently, Foreflight will use this data as the GPS source instead of the accurate data provided by the IFD via the Avidyne SDK. Two fix this issue you can follow the steps I wrote out here:

Foreflight is aware of this issue and it should be fixed when they fix the two devices bug.

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  • 10-Jun-2019