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Entegra EX5000 MFD Not Enough Space

If you are loading Jeppesen Charts and your MFD shows you the message; Not enough space.
This is due to the size of the charts you are adding to the MFD. The compact Flash card installed in the MFD is possibly 512MB, and will need to be updated to the 2GB compact flash card. Pilots/owners will need to work with an avionics shop to do this action, as it requires a log book entry. 

There is a quick fix, requires contacting Jeppesen; Jeppesen will show you how to de-select portions of your charts, not need for your current flying area's, to reduce the size.

Please provide the avionics shop the attached Avidyne Software Replacement Request form; the shop will need to fill-out and return the form. 
The SW 8.1.1 2GB card is at no cost, however, your shop will charge you for the labor.