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Difference in System Time between the IFD100 and IFD5XX/4XX

When utilizing the IFD100 iPAD application with an IFD5XX/ 4XX Series navigator it is important to note that the IFD System time will not synchronize on the IFD100 Application. The IFD100 utilizes the time set on the iPAD Device.

How does this affect your operation

The time shown on your IFD navigator will be GPS time and this time will change automatically as you fly through time zones. The same cannot be expected from your IPAD as the IFD100 does not utilize the IPADs internal GPS.

Figure 2. Note from IFD100 User Guide

During flights, ETE times will match between the IFD100 and the IFD5XX/ 4XX Navigator as these are relative times. However, ETA times will not be the same as they are absolute times being provided to each device independently.

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  • 14-Aug-2019