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Jeppesen 20% Off for New Avidyne Customers

Jeppesen offers a 20% discount for customers purchasing their first Avidyne Database. For more information, contact Jeppesen. For more information on Jeppesen database pricing for your new Avidyne equipment, check out our Knowledge Base Article: Jeppesen Pricing for Avidyne Equipment

Percent Power on a Piper Aircraft

Percent Power on a Piper Aircraft Flying the aircraft a little rich may not show percent power. The DAU must have good signals from the following: MAP RPM FUEL FLOW OAT PRESSURE ALTITUDE You can verify all but the Pressure Altitude by just insuring you have them displayed on the MFD Engine Page. The Percent…

% Power display on EX5000 MFD

% Power display on EX5000 MFD % Power—Indicates the calculated percent of maximum rated power currently being produced by the engine. For SIU equipped aircraft, Percent Power is calculated by the EX5000 based on engine RPM, manifold pressure, outside air temperature, and fuel flow. For DAU-equipped aircraft, the %…

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