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Dual Engine Fuel Flow for IFD

At software release, the IFD has the capability to display dual engine flow as long as the interfaced fuel flow monitor is capable of sending dual engine fuel flow information. To set up the IFD for Dual Engine Fuel Flow information you will need to access maintenance mode on the IFD. Steps for accessing maintenance mode can be found in the pilot guide (page 7-56 in the IFD 5XX Pilot Guide and page 6-53 in the IFD 4XX Pilot Guide). If you do not have a IFD Pilot guide, one can be downloaded at the link below:




Once in maintenance mode, follow the directions below:


  1. Select the CONFIG tab at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Using the bottom right knob, rotate the outer knob to change configuration pages. Cycle through the pages until you are at the MAIN SYSTEM CONFIG.
  3. Depress the bottom right knob, a highlighted box should appear over the Fuel Type selection.
  4. Using the outer portion of the bottom right knob, turn until the highlighted box is displayed next to MULTI-ENGINE.
  5. Rotate the inner knob to change the selection to Enabled.
  6. Power cycle the IFD but pulling the Circuit Breaker or by depressing the top left knob until the IFD powers down. 



In order to receive multi-engine fuel flow, the fuel reporting device will also need to be configured. Without this device being configured, the IFD may not display any fuel flow at all or display only data for one engine. The applicable installation manual should be referenced for the installed fuel flow indicator. This procedure should also be done by an appropriately certified technician. Below is an example of instructions for the Shadin DigiFlo:


  1. Power the unit down.
  2. Locate the configuration rotary switches (16 Positions: 0-9 and A-F). These are located under a red K-factor label on the side of the "can".
  3. Configure the unit for RENTY MODE (Switch 1: F and Switch 2: E)
  4. Hold the ENT key and power up.
    • When the display shows ENT, release the ENT key.
  5. Page through the configuration pages using the USED button (forward) or REM button (backward).
    • Reference chapter 6 page 20 which has a table of all the configuration pages/settings.
    • Display *E - set engine type to Single (0) or Twin (1)
  6. Press and hold the TEST/ENTER button for a 5 second countdown.
    • When the display shows SET, release the button.
    • Wait 30 seconds.
  7. Power down the unit.
  8. Configure the unit for OPERATION MODE (Switch 1: F, Switch 2: F), replace the red K-Factor label.
  9. Power up the unit.


If fuel flow is not present after configuring both devices, the system should be analyzed by a certified technician to ensure configurations were administered properly. The technician will contact Avidyne technical support should any problems be discovered that the technician is unsure of. Avidyne technical support will direct you to your local Avidyne Dealer to have the interface checked for proper configuration if contacted before having a technician review the system and configuration. 

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