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Database Status Page
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Database Status Page


The “Databases” selection on the “Status” LSK of the SYS tab will display the currently loaded version of the Nav data, Obstacles data, Terrain data and Charts data and will indicate valid date ranges or if/when a given database is expired.


Database status page showing expired databases in yellow (example)



Periodic updates to nav, chart, obstacle, and terrain databases are all made through the USB port on the front of each IFD. Note that data updates require the use of Maintenance Mode, which is permitted only on the ground. As a safety feature, the IFD will not allow you to enter maintenance mode while in flight.


NOTE Database Currency

It is critical that you ensure the databases are current prior to conducting IFR flight operations. Pressing the “Update Databases” LSK will put the IFD into Maintenance Mode where the databases can be uploaded to the IFD.



The table below summarizes the database update periods:


The IFD is shipped from the factory with the terrain database already loaded. Use the supplied Avidyne thumb drive (marked by the Avidyne logo printed on one side).

In the event you no longer have those available, you may use any thumb drive that can be formatted to FAT32. Avidyne recommends an 8-16GB thumb drive, but not to exceed 32GB. You may also purchase a replacement Avidyne thumb drive through your Avidyne Dealer.


To perform a database update, ensure the database to be updated is placed onto one of the acceptable USB fobs and then start the IFD in maintenance mode.


Maintenance mode is organized similarly to flight mode using a tabbed interface. Databases are updated using the "Update" tab. If the IFD is powered up in maintenance mode or maintenance mode is entered using the "Update Databases" LSK, then the Update tab will already be selected.


The Update tab in maintenance mode shows a list in the center of the display containing the files on the thumb drive. Rotate the right inner or outer knob to scroll the cursor up and down and then press the knob button to select the item surrounded by the cursor (verifying a green check appears). The cursor can also be moved by touching items in the list and an item can be selected by touching the item surrounded by the cursor. All items in the list can be selected or deselected at once by pressing the "Select All" and "Un-Select All" LSKs, respectively.



Update tab with items selected Once the set of items to be loaded has been selected, press the Proceed LSK to start the load. 



Select Only Desired Files For Upload If you keep reusing the same fob for database uploads, be sure to either delete all out-of-date and non-desired files or take care in selecting/deselecting files from the IFD display list. Not doing so may extend data upload times considerably by uploading unintended files.


NOTE Do Not Power Off the IFD During Data Update


Cycling power to the IFD during a database update may result in a corruption of the memory device that stores the databases. If this happens, a service action may be required to restore the data integrity. Use of a ground power unit is highly recommended. 





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