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SIL for use of DEMO Mode on IFD5XX/4XX while installed in Aircraft.

ATTN Avidyne IFD5XX/4XX Users. 

Please read the attached .PDF Service Information Letter PN: 606-00182-026 REV. 00 concerning the use of DEMO mode on the IFD while installed in your aircraft. 

Issue Description: Aircraft with an IFD4XX or IFD5XX installed and equipped with an ADS-B out transmitter (transponder or UAT device) and/or onboard radar, when running the IFD in demo mode, the ADS-B out transmitter and radar (where applicable) must be turned off. Failure to turn off the ADS-B out transmitter prior to running the IFD4XX or 5XX in demo mode will result in the system reporting the aircraft flying the flight plan used in demo mode. This may result in erroneous conflict alerts to other aircraft and may cause Air Traffic Control to take actions to avoid non-existent conflicts. It may also make it appear to ATC that the aircraft is flying in controlled airspace without appropriate clearances. Failure to turn off the onboard radar prior to running the IFD4XX or 5XX in demo mode may result in the onboard radar being inadvertently turned on. This condition will be corrected in software release

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  • 05-Mar-2021