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New Customer Resources

Congratulations on the purchase of your Avidyne IFD5XX/4XX FMS. Below are some resources for you to prepare for your first flight with the Avidyne in your panel. 

1. First things First, if your Avidyne Dealer has not already done so for you, please register your new IFD and all other Avidyne products on where you will receive 2 years of factory warranty for all your registered Avidyne products.

2. Download the IFD Trainer for your IPAD

The IFD Trainer has a section for Video Tutorials that explains some of the basics such as entering flight plans, Trainer menus and controls, datablock setup, etc. IFD Trainer has great resources that a user can watch and then practice on the simulator. 

3. Visit our official training page on where you will find Webinars On Demand, a full Introduction to the Avidyne IFD's training course, and other training resources to get the most out of your new IFD.

4. The book, "Flying With The Avidyne IFD" by Michael F. Bauer gives you scenario-based training on the Avidyne IFD. 

Flying With the Avidyne IFD by Michael F. Bauer

5. Our Pilot Support Knowledge Base includes tons of information and is your one-stop shop to get any support questions answered with self-service. 

6. We've partnered with Jeppesen to offer a 20% discount for new Jeppesen subscriptions. For more information on the database regions and pricing, check out our Knowledge Base Article:

Jeppesen Pricing for Avidyne Equipment

To have private airports added to the Nav database: contact [email protected] to have them added.

7. Pilot Guides

8. Download the IFD100 App for IPAD if you intend to utilize this feature with your panel-mounted unit. 

9. Check out our Avidyne YouTube Channel for informational videos, webinar replays, and helpful information.

10. Join the Avidyne Pilots Club on Facebook! The official community for exclusive news, updates, and more!

11. Once you have learned all there is to know about the basics of your new Avidyne equipment, it's time for Mastery, not Minimums with Avidyne's National Training Partner and 2019 Master CFI of the Year, Gary Reeves:

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