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From the Pilots Guide 600-00108-003 Rev01 - 

EMax Total Engine Management
The EMax™ Total Engine Management is an optional feature that provides the following information about the health of your engines:

  • Extended Fuel Flow information on the Engine Page and Map Page data blocks.
  • Initial Usable Fuel Page to simplify fueling and fuel calculations.
  • Automated Lean Functions.
  • Full CHT and EGT temperature displays on the Engine Page and Map Page data blocks. For information about the engine data on the Map Page, see Table 12.10 Engine Instrument Data Block Information on page 126. 
  • Real-time recording of time, position, and critical engine performance parameters. EMax records engine and position data for the last 100 hours of flight. The data is recorded every six seconds whenever the MFD is operating.

The output, which you can download via the EX5000's bezel accessible data port, is in two files:

  • An ASCII text file (.txt) containing the engine performance data, can be opened by most spreadsheet programs for analysis.
  • A Jeppesen Track file (.log), containing position data that is compatible with Jeppesen FliteStar. For more information about the FliteStar track file, see 
  • For information about downloading EMax output data, see Section 12.1.3, "Downloading EMax Data" on page 115.

For information about adding EMax to your EX5000, see your Avidyne dealer. 

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  • 05-Aug-2019