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Bluetooth Keyboard Pairing Instructions

Bluetooth Keyboard Pairing Instructions

1. Ensure the supplied keyboard has adequate charge;turn it on using the left side switch; 

2. Ensure Bluetooth is turned on in the User Options page of the IFD; 

3. Ensure the IFD has been powered on for at least one minute, and is in Maintenance Mode with the Bluetooth® Pairing page displayed

4. Activate the pairing control on the keyboard (make it “discoverable”) to put the keyboard into pairing mode by pressing the button on the back of the Avidyne supplied keyboard; 

5. Press the “Start Scan” line select key  

6. Press the “Stop Scan” line select key once the keyboard is discovered. 

7. Select the device you want to pair with by using the bottom right IFD knob to put the cyan wraparound cursor on the desired device; 

8. Press the “Pair Device” line select key and wait for the PIN code to appear; 

9. Enter the PIN code using the external keyboard and press “ENTER” on the keyboard; 

10. The selected device in the list will turn green if pairing was successful. 

11. If the device name does not turn green or disappears, retry the procedure from step 4; 

12. Put the IFD back into flight mode; 

13. Touch the standby com frequency display on the IFD to generate an onscreen keyboard; 

14. Using the newly paired Bluetooth keyboard, press any key; 

15. Verify a popup message is displayed on the IFD asking to confirm your intent to use an external keyboard and touch “ALLOW” or press the bezel “ENTR” button; 

16. On the Bluetooth® keyboard, type in a new com frequency and verify the value on the IFD updates accordingly. If it did, pairing was successful and complete.  

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